Do Rats Eat Paper?

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Rats are known to chew on all sorts of things, including paper. In fact, they often use paper as bedding material for their nests.

So if you have any paper products, newspapers, clothes, fabric stored in cardboard boxes (easily chewed into), stacks of magazines, or even important files in your home that you don’t want rats to chew on, be sure to keep them stored away in a place where rodents can’t get to them.

One of the most common questions about rats is why they like to chew on paper.

After all, paper isn’t exactly a nutritious snack. So what’s going on?

There are a few different reasons why rats might chew on paper. It’s common for rats to nibble on paper, and there are a few reasons why they might do this.

Do Rats Eat Paper?

Contrary to popular belief, rats usually do not eat paper. However, they are known to gnaw on it, which can cause damage to books, documents, and other objects made of paper.

There are a few reasons why rats like to gnaw on paper. First of all, it provides them with an outlet for their natural chewing instincts.

Additionally, chewing on paper helps rats keep their teeth clean and sharp.

Finally, some rats enjoy the taste of the ink used to print paper.

While chewing on paper may not be harmful to rats, it can certainly be a nuisance for people.

If you find that a rat is gnawing on your belongings, it is best to take measures to prevent the animal from accessing the area.

Why Do Rats Chew Paper?

Chewing is a natural behavior for rats. They use their teeth to gnaw on things to keep them clean and sharp.

Unfortunately, this can lead to destructive habits, such as chewing on paper. There are a few reasons why rats might chew paper.

For one thing, it gives them something to do. Boredom can be a problem for rats, especially if they are kept in a small cage without any toys or other forms of stimulation.

Chewing on paper helps to relieve some of that boredom.

Additionally, chewing helps rats to control their ever-growing teeth. As their teeth grow, they need to file them down so that they don’t get too long.

Otherwise, the rat’s teeth will start to curve and grow into their mouths, which can be extremely painful.

Finally, some rats may chew on paper because they are actually eating it.

While this isn’t common, some rats may eat paper because they lack certain nutrients in their diet. Rats like the taste of paper. The cellulose in the paper provides a source of nutrition for rats, and they will often chew on paper when their food supply is low.

If you suspect that your pet rat is eating paper, it’s important to talk to a veterinarian so that you can make sure your pet is getting all the nutrition it needs.

Do Rats Like To Chew Paper Money?

There’s no simple answer to this question, as rats have different preferences when it comes to chewing paper.

Some rats enjoy chewing on paper money, while others prefer other types of paper.

In general, however, rats seem to like chewing on paper because it gives them something to do and satisfies their natural urges to gnaw and chew.

Chewing also helps keep their teeth clean and sharp. So if you see your rat chewing on paper money, don’t worry – it’s just part of their normal behavior.

Do Rats Use Paper as Nesting Material?

Yes, rats will use paper as nesting material. In the wild, rats will build nests out of anything they can find, including twigs, leaves, and grass. If they find themselves in an urban environment, they will also use man-made materials like paper.

For rats, paper is an ideal nesting material because it is soft and easy to manipulate. It also provides good insulation against the cold and can be easily shredded into smaller pieces to line the nest.

However, rats will only use paper as a nesting material if they cannot find anything else to use. In other words, paper is not their first choice for building a nest. They prefer to use soft materials like insulation or fabric.

How Do I Make My Rat Stop Eating Paper?

Many pet rats enjoy chewing on paper, but this can be a destructive behavior if not properly managed.

The first step is to provide your rat with plenty of chew toys to help satisfy its need to chew.

Hard plastic or rubber toys are good options, as they will not break down easily and can offer your rat an enjoyable chewing experience.

You should also avoid placing any paper products within your rat’s reach, such as newspapers or paper towels.

If your rat chews on paper, gently redirect it to a more appropriate activity or chew toy.

You can also try training your rat by giving them a treat every time they resist the urge to eat paper.


So there you have it. Do rats eat paper? No, not usually. Do they use it as nesting material? Yes, but only if they can’t find anything else to use. Do they chew on it? Yes, for a variety of reasons.

Rats are known to chew on paper, but they usually don’t eat it. There are a few reasons rats might chew paper, including boredom, the need to file down their teeth, and a lack of nutrition.

For pet rats, you can provide chew toys and redirect chewing behavior to help discourage paper eating. If you have any concerns about your rat’s diet or behavior, talk to a veterinarian.

With patience and consistency, you can train your rat to stop chewing on paper. Thanks for reading!

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