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Started in 2022, Uzoic now reaches over 50 readers a day

Uzoic.com provides trusted pet health advice by veterinary experts.

Our mission: To provide accurate and reliable pet care information which is why our content is reviewed by veterinary experts including doctors of veterinary medicine and vet assistants. Learn about our editorial process.

We strive to provide quality content, help answer questions and offer solutions that are easy-to-use for any pet parent in need of help.

What’s in a name?

We coined the name Uzoic from U + Zoic (from Greek word ζωικός – zo̱ikós meaning animals).

I know there’s no such thing as “just one type” of person with an interest in animals so we cover it all – dogs, cats, horses and even rats! As long as they have four legs or two wings (or both!) we’ll be here with them every step of the way through the best and worst of times.

Whether you’re in need of help or just trying to figure out what that smell is, Uzoic has it all!

Uzoic.com is dedicated to the happiness of pets everywhere through education and information sharing.

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