Do Budgies Like Music? The Effects of Music on Budgie Behavior

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There’s been a lot of debate over the years about whether or not Budgies like music. Some people believe that all Budgies react to music in the same way, while others think that it depends on the Budgie. Today, we’re going to look at the effects of music on budgie behavior.

There’s no doubt that budgies (Melopsittacus undulatus) are intelligent birds. They’re considered one of the most intelligent bird species. So it’s not too surprising that they may react differently to different types of music. For example, some people believe that classical music is the best type for budgies, while others think that any kind of music is acceptable.

There haven’t been many scientific studies on the effects of music on budgie behavior. Still, the little research that has been conducted suggests that different types of music have different effects. For example, one study found that while classical music may calm some budgies down, other types of music can excite them and cause them to be more active and playful. Another research shows that Budgies have complex sleep patterns like mammals. 

In yet another study, researchers found that budgies could recognize the songs of different types of birds when they heard them played on a piano or other instrument. However, when they heard human voices singing these same songs, they didn’t seem to make the connection. This suggests that there may be something about how birds sing that makes them particularly susceptible to learning from music. 

And finally, a research study at Buffalo Univeristy, New York proved that Budgies can understand human sound. In addition, there’s also evidence to suggest that budgies can understand human speech. In a study conducted by Cornell University researchers found that when they played recordings of words spoken in English to budgies and then asked them questions in English, the birds answered correctly more often than not.

So what does all this mean for budgie owners? Well, music can significantly impact bird behavior, so it’s essential to be aware of the type of music you’re playing around your bird. If you’re looking to calm your budgie down, classical music may be the best option. If you’re looking to get your bird excited and playful, you may want to try some other types of music instead. And if you’re going to teach your budgie new words, singing songs may be an excellent way to do it.

Do budgies like human music?

Do Budgies Like Music The Effects of Music on Budgie Behavior
Do Budgies Like Music?

Generally yes. They do like human music. A few studies suggest birds enjoy human music, while others argue against this claim.

Do budgies like hip hop music?

No, they do not. I would avoid any music with a fast tempo or loud sounds. This can be stressful for birds and even cause them to become aggressive towards each other or you. The same applies to heavy metal genres such as death metal which has been shown by studies on mice that this type of music can cause anxiety and even lead to self-mutilation.

Do budgies like classical music?

Some do, some don’t. The key is to experiment with different types of music and see what your bird prefers. If you’re looking for a general guideline, though, classical music typically has a slower tempo and tends to be less jarring than other types of music.

Do budgies like pop music?

Again, some do, and some don’t. It’s essential to remember that just because a bird likes one type of music doesn’t mean they’ll enjoy all kinds of music. Try different genres and see what your bird prefers!

Do budgies like rock music?

Some budgies enjoy slower-paced rock music. I would avoid anything with a fast tempo or lots of loud sounds, though, as this can be stressful for birds.

Do budgies like reggae?

Many budgies seem to enjoy the slow rhythms of reggae music. So if you’re looking to introduce your bird to new music, reggae is an excellent place to start.

Do budgies like the piano?

Sometimes they do like to hear to the piano. It all just depends on the bird.

Do budgies like jazz?

Again, it just depends on the bird. Some budgies seem to enjoy jazz music while others don’t. Budgies will chirp when they enjoy the music you’re playing,

Do budgies like pop music?

It depends on the bird. Some budgies seem to enjoy and start chirping when their favorite tune is played.

Can budgies learn human words?

Yes, they can! Budgies have been shown in studies done by Dr. Irene Pepperberg (who has had her own parrot) that birds can understand what we say and form their own concepts. For example, her parrot Alex could identify objects by their color and shape as well as understand the concepts of “bigger,” “smaller,” “same,” and “different.”

Budgies are known to enjoy listening to music, but do they like all types of music? And can music actually help

How do I know if my budgie likes music?

An easy way to tell if your budgie likes music is by paying attention to his behavior. For example, birds generally react in one of three ways when they hear a new song:

They start bobbing their heads, flapping their wings, or singing along with the music. Then, they usually begin chirping when they like the song.

If you notice any of these behaviors, your bird likely enjoys the music.

They get quiet and stop moving.

If your budgie becomes calm and still when listening to music, it’s possible that he doesn’t enjoy it as much.

They start getting agitated and become aggressive.

If your budgie starts becoming agitated or aggressive when you play him music, it may be best to stop. Some birds don’t enjoy listening to music, which may cause them more harm than good.

Do budgies sleep with music?

Budgies do not require music to go to sleep. Some people believe that playing music for your bird at night can disrupt their sleep.


Budgies are intelligent creatures and can learn to do some amazing things with a little bit of patience! Budgies have been shown to enjoy listening to music, as long as the sounds are not too loud or jarring. If you want your pet bird to be a bit more active and playful, try adding some tunes into his routine!

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