Can You Keep Axolotls Out Of Water

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Axolotls are some of the most amazing creatures on the planet. They can regenerate their limbs and even their spinal cord! It’s truly incredible. However, one question many people have is whether or not axolotls can live out of water. This article will explore the answer to that question in depth!

Due to the popularity of axolotls as exotic pets, many pet owners have questions about their care. For example, can axolotls live out of water? The answer is yes and no.

Axolotls are amphibians, meaning they can live in both water and on land. However, they have not been seen outside water for extended periods of time. While they have both gills and lungs, they prefer to breathe through their gills. This is likely because they are much more efficient at absorbing oxygen from water than from the air.

So, while axolotls can technically live out of the water, it is not advisable. If you must take your axolotl out of the water, make sure to do so for only a few minutes and make sure the axolotl is always moist. If an axolotl is kept out of water for too long, its gills will begin to dry out and suffocate. If you were to take an axolotl out of its natural habitat, it would quickly start to dehydrate and would eventually die.

Axolotls are known to live their entire life in water and rarely come onto land, so it is not recommended that you try to keep them out of water for long periods of time.

Can You Keep Axolotls Out Of Water?

Can You Keep Axolotls Out Of Water?
Can You Keep Axolotls Out Of Water?

Yes, it is possible to keep axolotls out of the water, but they will not be able to survive for long. Axolotls are a type of salamander that can breathe through their lungs and skin. In the wild, they are always found near water so that they can absorb oxygen through their skin. However, if they are kept out of water for too long, they will quickly suffocate and die.

So while it is possible to keep them out of water for a short time, it is not a good idea to do so for extended periods.

Can Axolotls Breathe Out Of Water?

Yes, Axolotls can breathe out of water. They have special respiratory organs called gills that extract oxygen from the water and allow them to breathe in and out of water. When they are out of the water, they often use their lungs to help them breathe. However, they can only stay out of water for a short period before they need to return to their aquatic environment.

What Happens When You Leave An Axolotl Out Of Water?

Most axolotls will become stressed if they are out of water for more than an hour or two. This is because their skin is very sensitive and needs to be moist to stay healthy. If an axolotl is left out of water for too long, its skin will start to dry out and crack.

The axolotl’s skin is very thin and permeable, absorbing water easily. When the axolotl is in water, its skin helps to regulate its body temperature and keeps it hydrated. However, when removed from the water, the axolotl’s skin begins to dry out, leading to dehydration. In addition, the axolotl’s lungs are not well-suited for breathing air, so they would quickly suffocate outside of water.

As a result, it is important to ensure that your axolotl always has access to clean, fresh water.

Do Axolotls Need To Live In Water? 

While they can survive for short periods out of the water, they require an aquatic environment to thrive.

Axolotl Pokes Head Out Of Water!

It is normal for axolotls to poke its head out of the water to look around. They often do this to check for predators or potential prey. However, if an axolotl is kept out of water for too long, it will begin to suffocate and die.

Sometimes they try to stay at the top of the tank if they cannot absorb enough oxygen from water. This can happen due to water quality issues, and you will find them poking their head out of the water. If your axolotl is doing this frequently, you should check the water quality and ensure there is enough oxygen.

You can also put an air stone in the tank to help increase the oxygen levels in the water.

Do Axolotls Die Out Of Water?

While axolotls are most commonly associated with water, they are actually capable of surviving on land for some duration. However, they are not equipped to live out of water permanently and will eventually die if they cannot return to their aquatic habitat.

The main reason is that axolotls have highly sensitive skin that requires constant moisture to stay healthy. Without the damp environment of a pond or aquarium, their skin will quickly dry out and crack, leading to severe dehydration.

In addition, axolotls rely on gills for respiration, so they cannot survive without access to oxygen-rich water. For these reasons, it is important to ensure that axolotls always have a safe place to return to after spending time on land.

How Long Can Axolotls Be Out Of Water In Real Life

Axolotls can be out of water for up to an hour. However, they may survive longer if you can keep their skin wet. The bottom line is that axolotls must be in the water to stay healthy and thrive.

Can Axolotls Be Held Out Of Water?

Yes, axolotls can be held out of water for short durations. They will not have any problems if their skin is moist with water and doesn’t dry out. However, if their skin starts to dry out, they will become stressed and may start to suffocate.


Overall, axolotls are aquatic creatures that require water to survive. However, they can breathe out of the water and can be held out of water for short periods. If you need to hold your axolotl out of the water, keep their skin moist with water, so they don’t dry out and suffocate. In addition, be sure to provide them with a safe place to return to after spending time on land. If you have any concerns about your axolotl’s health, be sure to consult with a veterinarian. Thank you for reading!

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